We are an online ticket website. You can depend on us if you are looking to buy tickets for shows hosted and created by cultural organizations in the Netherlands. We sell tickets from our shop online. We provide easy access to people who are interested in watching cultural events.

First of all, we are accessible online. You get rid of all the long waiting lines and additional expenses that come from buying physical tickets. Getting tickets online also has its perks. You can get voucher codes and promo codes almost every time. You can compare shows easily and search for them on the internet. Choosing which one you like is as easy as clicking a button.

With us, you just go to our website, click on the show that you want to watch, click the mode of payment, then click send. Wait for a few minutes to confirm your order. And then you are finished. We will send you a QR code for your ticket. We will also send you a printable ticket if you prefer a physical one to take on the show.

We are selling different kinds of tickets. But our priority is the show from the cultural organization in the Netherlands. We support local shows especially the ones that present the culture of our native land to the Netherlands. You will surely enjoy and have your money’s worth on these shows.

We do not have physical ticket stores yet. This is currently on our planned direction in the coming years. But as of today, we only have this site for our customers. But rest assured that you will receive a continuous improvement in our services and our site.

We are coordinating with numerous organizations across cities and even in other countries. We plan on expanding the site to new countries who are also looking for a quick way to purchase tickets and watch shows from cultural organizations.